Saturday, 18 September 2010

Make yourself useful...

YC 112.09.18 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

A man walked in to my office carrying a large bag and a can of quafe. He was wearing a black shirt that looked like it hasn't been washed for weeks and his manners are comparable to the Admiral on a really bad day.

"Hey lady make yourself useful and get me a coffee will yah?" said the arrogant stinky man. "I beg your pardon sir?" I quickly responded. The stinky man then dropped his bag, walked towards me and began barking like a crazy dog who's not been fed by his master for days. I was terrified.

Luckily, the Admiral is just on the other room ending his meeting with the Commander in regards to Operation Jumpgate's last few details. "What's all this shouting!?" the Admiral strongly asked. The stinky man and the Admiral looked at each other, paused and then greeted one another like a father who has not seen his child for ages.

"Spade you old dog! How is it going? Still the Navy's bitch are yah!?" the stinky man teased. "I guess being expelled to Stain for calling the captain poochie did not make any difference then eh Bismarck?" the Admiral responded. The two very well mannered gentleman laughed like slaver hounds and continued to walk towards the Commander's office... "Make yourself useful Aerin and get us a coffee will yah?" the Admiral requested. Some days I wanted to poison the old man if only he isn't the Commander's trusted  and most loyal friend.

After an hour the two gentleman walked out of Ratz's office and Bismarck Hoxillian was properly introduced to me. To my surprised Ratz said the stinky man is here to stay. Indefinitely. I almost fainted.

Being the professional Public Relation Director that I am I reached for the stinky man's hand and shook it. "Welcome to Rogue Raiders then I guess. I am very PLEASED and HONOURED to meet you Sir!" I annoyingly congratulated Bismarck. The stinky man looked me in the eye and winked. I almost slap the bastard.

"Now Since we're all acquainted... I'm sure the Commander and the Admiral have BETTER things to do?" I asked. "Perhaps an Operation called Jumpgate? The toops are ready and awaiting your orders Commander." I confidently announced. The two commanders hurriedly walked off leaving the blasted dog in the office.

"What are you looking at!?" I angrily asked. "Why don't you make yourself useful and get your ass out there!" I shouted at the stinky man.

He then looked at me and said... "I like you Aerin. I like you alot!". I turned my back, went back in my office and slammed the door in his face.

This journal record is also linked to Operation Jumpgate...

Thursday, 16 September 2010

My first voyage to the unknown...

YC 112.09.15 | By Emb3r Genus | Industrial Officer

Pilot Log# : RR00-00A2-EG

I came to this Corporation to continue a legacy. Early into my career I discovered the wonders of W-Space, sneaking in, mining its riches, and returning to Hi-Sec space with wonders others could only dream existed. Even now the only decoration on my desk is a large, oddly shaped red colored rock - Arkonor.

I am pleased to report that, despite the risks, the Industrial Division has made its first W-Space operation successful. Today at 14:40 I finished production of my private Heron. Fitted with hi-tech probes I undocked looking for some adventure. I soon found it - an unknown Cosmetic Signature. By 14:45 I was inside, searching for more. I soon found inside the wormhole a Gravetric Signature - exactly what I had looking for.

I jumped on the corporations public channel and made a broadcast - "I have found it! I have found it!" After I settled down, they got the idea - and had no interest. "It's just not worth it."


So I started in a large Arkonor asteroid - sat back with a cigar and a sherry - and was alone, and it was beautiful. Except for the alarms. "*ALARMS! I was being attacked by three sleeper pirates". I jammed the warp button and called for back up, luckily this time someone was interested. Draco Lunatis joined me and dispatched all three pirates with effiencty, and made half a million ISK on from the loot.

Draco had to leave after that, but Samhan Death2 was quick to take over looking for a taste of adventure and Boguz was soon on his heels with the promise of riches. For several hours we mined - not with out incident. Sam dispatched several curious explorers and dissuaded competition.

After all was said and done, the operation pulled in well over 15 million ISK, brought our family closer together, and offered invaluable experience for all involved.

Now I write to you from my desk - sherry in hand - gazing dreamly into the depths of an Arkonor rock, dreaming about what will come.